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This Privacy Policy applies beginning October 10, 2018.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 10, 2018.


Badge Labs LTD
Sofia, Bulgaria


This Privacy Policy applies to websites, apps, events and other services operated by Badge. For simplicity, we refer to all of these as our "services" in this Privacy Policy.


We can't help you meet and match without some information about you, such as basic profile details. We also collect information generated as you use our services, for example access logs, as well as information from third parties, like when you access our services through a social media account. If you want additional info, we go into more detail below.

Information you give us

You choose to give us certain information when using our services. This includes:

  • When you create an account, you provide us with at least your email address.
  • When you complete your profile, you can share with us additional information, such as: first name, last name, nickname, description of yourself and profile picture.
  • We store your badge inbox consisting of badge ids
  • When you create a badge we store your user id as the 'creator' of this badge
  • When you initiate a matching session you send us your location, which is not stored anywhere - accept in the volatile memory of the matching server you are currently using. When your matching session ends, your location is cleared from the volatile memory.
  • We transfer your chat or location sharing data directly to your match, as part of the operation of the services, and this data is stored only on the receiving party's phone.

Information we receive from others

In addition to the information you provide us directly, we receive information about you from others, including:

  • Social Media
    You are able to use your social media login (Facebook or Google login) to create and log into your Badge account. This saves you from having to remember yet another user name and password and allows you to share some information from your social media account with us.

Information collected when you submit a bug report

When you submit bug report, we collect debug logs from device plus additional information about the hardware and software. See below for more details:

  • Device information
    We collect information from and about the device(s) you use to access our services, including:

    • device ID and type, device-specific and apps settings and characteristics, app crashes
    • information on your wireless and mobile network connection, like your service provider and signal strength;
    • operating system version and application version
    • location logs ( if you choose to include them )
    • device logs


The main reason we use your information is to deliver and improve our services:

  • Create and manage your account
  • Matchmaking with other users in a specific location
  • Show users' profiles after successful match
  • Add the badges you created to the marketplace
  • Communicate with you by email or push notifications about services that we think may interest you

To process your information as described above, we rely on the following legal bases:

  • Provide our service to you: Most of the time, the reason we process your information is to perform the contract that you have with us. For instance, as you go about using our service for matchmaking, we use your information to maintain your account and your profile, to make it matchable to other users in a specific region.
  • Legitimate interests: We may use your information where we have legitimate interests to do so. We may process information for administrative, fraud detection and other legal purposes.


Since our goal is to help you make a better match, the main sharing of users' information is with other Badge users.

You share information with other users after a successful match. Please be careful with your information and make sure that the content you share is stuff that you're comfortable with being publically viewable since neither you nor we can control what others do with your information once you share it.


We want you to be in control of your information, so we have provided you with the following tools:

  • Access / Update tools in the service. Tools and account settings that help you to access, update or delete information that you provided to us and that's associated with your account directly within the service.
  • Device permissions. Mobile platforms have permission systems for specific types of device data and notifications, such as location services as well as push notifications. You can change your settings on your device to either consent or oppose the collection of the corresponding information or the display of the corresponding notifications. Of course, if you do that, certain services may lose full functionality.
  • Deletion.You can delete your account by using the corresponding functionality directly on the service.

We want you to be aware of your privacy rights. Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Reviewing your information. Applicable privacy laws may give you the right to review the personal information we keep about you (depending on the jurisdiction, this may be called right of access, right of portability or variations of those terms). You can request a copy of your personal information by sending an email to [email protected]
  • Updating your information. If you believe that the information we hold about you is inaccurate or that we are no longer entitled to use it and want to request its rectification, deletion or object to its processing, please contact us at [email protected]

For your protection and the protection of all of our users, we may ask you to provide proof of identity before we can answer the above requests.

Keep in mind, we may reject requests for certain reasons, including if the request is unlawful or if it may infringe on trade secrets or intellectual property or the privacy of another user.

Also, we may not be able to accommodate certain requests to object to the processing of personal information, notably where such requests would not allow us to provide our service to you anymore. For instance, we cannot provide our service if we don't have your email.

  • Uninstall. You can stop all information collection by an app by uninstalling it using the standard uninstall process for your device.
  • Accountability. In certain countries, including in the European Union, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate data protection authority if you have concerns about how we process your personal information. The data protection authority you can lodge a complaint with notably may be that of your habitual residence, where you work or where we are established.


We work hard to protect you from unauthorized access to or alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information. As with all technology companies, although we take steps to secure your information, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information will always remain secure.

We regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and regularly review our information collection, storage and processing practices to update our physical, technical and organizational security measures.

We may suspend your use of all or part of the services without notice if we suspect or detect any breach of security. If you believe that your account or information is no longer secure, please notify us immediately at [email protected]


In practice, we delete or anonymize your information upon deletion of your account unless:

  1. we must keep it to comply with applicable law (for instance, some "traffic data" is kept for one year to comply with statutory data retention obligations);
  2. we must keep it to evidence our compliance with applicable law (for instance, records of consents to our Terms, Privacy Policy and other similar consents are kept for five years);
  3. there is an outstanding issue, claim or dispute requiring us to keep the relevant information until it is resolved; or
  4. the information must be kept for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention and enhancing users' safety and security. For example, information may need to be kept to prevent a user who was banned for unsafe behavior or security incidents from opening a new account.

Keep in mind that even though our systems are designed to carry out data deletion processes according to the above guidelines, we cannot promise that all data will be deleted within a specific timeframe due to technical constraints.


Our services are restricted to users who are 18 years of age or older. We do not permit users under the age of 18 on our platform and we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 18. If you suspect that a user is under the age of 18, please write us at [email protected]

Parental advisory is highly recommended. We try to keep the marketplace clean from offensive content, and we offer tools for reporting, but there can be a temporary window when such a content is visible to the general public.


Because we're always looking for new and innovative ways to help you build meaningful connections, this policy may change over time. We will notify you before any material changes take effect so that you have time to review the changes.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, you can write as at [email protected]