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Meet the right people at the right moment.

Find new friends.

Get notified instantly when someone matching your interests, ideas or vibe is nearby. Whether you're in a mood to meet or chat, making a connection is much easier with Badge.
Matching is free and in real-time.

Reach your match.

You can send text messages, photos and emojis to your new match. You have everything you need to express yourself.

Imagine your match.

Badges represent common interests, vibes, ideas and groups. Every badge allows you to match with others who wear it. You will find thousands of free badges in the marketplace.
You can create and submit your own badges to the marketplace for free.

Realtime matching.

Pin a badge or more and go for a walk. You will be instantly notified when someone wearing the same badge is nearby. Or you can increase the app sensitivity and match from the comfort of your home. The app works both ways.

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